About Us

Mahmutbey,which is the subject of fairy tales with its magnificence, its geography and its proximity to Istanbul, Turkey's gateway to the world... 

We took our first steps from this city, from local to national and then internationally… While bringing the values of the past to the present, we aimed to carry your brand and your products quickly and safely. Because our job is speed, because our job is efficiency, because our job is innovation!

Akwa Logistics was founded by two partners who are aware that better service can only be achieved by meeting customer needs in the best way, and who adopt a flexible and dynamic service approach as a principle
We produce fast, safe and economical solutions in the fields of road, sea, intermodal, fair and event logistics, perishable cargo transportation and project transportations. We work 24/7 with our expert staff to ensure that your shipments reach your demanded destinations on time, both export and import. We examine the concept of logistics service in three stages as "project, methods and operation". After determining the basic requirements such as the structure of the service and the analysis of the current situation, we move on to the stages of the operation we have designed specifically for the customer. In order to become a brand that can have a place in the world market, we continue our journey that started in Istanbul and Erbil.